Classmate Lost

I recently received a phone call from a person having the same name as one of our classmates.  I was really happy to hear from him as I told him I had been looking for him for a long time.  He told me I was not looking for him.  He said he had been getting mail from me and he had never attended Waldorf College.  He said he had not gone beyond high school.  He asked that I stop sending mail to him.  Well, apparently Waldorf had the wrong address for the right name. 

We are hoping that you can help us find lost classmates.  We will be listing names of those we can not find.  If you know where they are let the Alumni Office at Waldorf know and/or send e-mail to us.

Classmate Where Are You?

Sibyl Anderson
Marilyn Arke   
Charlene  Bridges
George Christiansen

Marion Lundby 
Konrad Matthiesen
Janis Seward Myers  
Urban Nielsen
David Olson  
Wayne Olson  
Jan Sime   
Lynn Son DeRegger   
Jeanne Stuart 
Jon Wright