News From Classmates

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Oscar Lenning wrote 7/23/2009:  When we left Iowa three years ago for me to serve at Thiel College in Pennsylvania, I emailed my new email address ( to everyone in my address file, but you apparently did not receive it.  Sorry about that.

My wife Renie developed a health condition in the winter of 2008 that gave her bronchitis every time she went out into the cold air, so her doctor recommended that we henceforth spend winters in a mild climate.  Therefore, although I had planned to be at Thiel three more years before retiring, we purchased a home in Tucson, AZ and I retired effective December 31. (Fortunately, the new center for learning and advising for which I had led development was already operating effectively and effectively, so it was not a bad time for the College to have me leave.)  Being a workaholic, however, I am doing some writing, part-time consulting, hiking once a week with a hiking club when we are in Arizona, and volunteering, e.g., next week I will head to Cedar Rapids for five days with a group from our church to help victims of last year's unbelievable flood there.  Unfortunately, Renie cannot join me in most of these activities as she has severe arthritis in her knees, shoulders and back; soon she will need to have her knees replaced.

We have an unmarried community college communications professor daughter in San Diego, a Lutheran pastor son with two children in northwest North Dakota who serves two ELCA congregations and one UCC congregation, and an attorney daughter with three children who recently became a full-time professor at Des Moines University but continues to also serve a large Des Moines law firm part time.  It is great to be able to spend time with our five grandchildren, a year-old granddaughter, three grandsons ages 7-9, and a 10-year old granddaughter.

In spite of Renie's health problems, life is good for us!  I trust it is great for you and yours also.  Please greet our classmates from me.

Helen (Langbehn) Dale, married March, 2008.  Dale and Helen are living in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

May, 2007.   See Distinguished Service Award Page.

Phyllis Antonson - May 17, 2007
For 18 years, I worked in a residential treatment facility for addicted moms who come to long term treatment with their children. I taught the parenting classes, plus working with the moms and their children. I retired in June, 06, and am continuing my work supporting, edifying, loving, accepting, acknowledging children by doing the most important work I have done since parenting, which is picking up my granddaughter from pre-K everyday and transitioning with her from school to home!! I get to hear the important stories, woes, calamities of the day and can support her in her emotional growth!! It is a thrill and I am so fortunate to have a son and daughter-in-law who allow me to have this honor!!! Wow!!! Life is great!!!! Greetings to all, Phyllis

Duane H. and Delores Jensen Hovick - We retired in 2002, moved to Ankeny, IA in 2003, after having lived in Newton, IA for 30 years.  We really enjoyed seeing classmates at our 45th Class Reunion.

Margaret J Nielson Rude - Retired from teaching at Pocahontas Area Community School after forty-one years.  Husband, Duane, died August, 2002.  Now busy volunteering at church, family, and the family business.  Favorite memories from Waldorf are Choir and friendships.

Helen Langbehn - " I moved to New Mexico.  I'm really enjoying life here.  I'm sorry I could not be at the reunion.  I just made so many driving trips down here this spring.  I had better stay put for a while."

Leonard Dygart - "I wish all my classmates health and happiness in the future.  May God Bless all of you."

Donna Miedermair - "Head in the clouds, Feet in the sand, Happy as a clam (at high tide) Living my Dream!"

Janora Gustafson Hodges - "I'm glad to be semi-retired, prefer to have myself as my boss.  Our nine children live in California, Arizona, Iowa, Missouri, Massachusetts and we have 23 grandchildren and 2 great granddaughters.  We have been living in Sun city now for 12 years having moved here to work for a hospital.  We do live in paradise nine months of the year, but prefer the triple digit temperatures to ice and snow."

Karen Hanna Dyer - " I am so sorry that I could not attend Homecoming this year!  They are always so much fun and it's always great to see classmates from '61.  We signed up for a trip last spring, so we are on our way to New York, Boston and the East on September 23.  I will look forward for your pictures in the newsletter.  God Bless!"

Solveig Hyland Carlson - "Discerning where we'll live after George's term as Bishop ends, July 2007.  So no new grandchildren.  Hannah is nearly 13 years and Noble is 11 years.  Erik and Amy both have "significant others."  George and I celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary at Fanny Hill Dinner Theatre, Eau Claire; say the play "SEE HOW THEY RUN" with memories of our meeting (Hancock County, Garner) September 1964 in same play as leads. Fun."

Darel Swenson - "I have practiced law for 31+ years, taught law for 30 years, served as a conciliation court judge in Hennepin count, Minnesota, since 1979.  I have practiced before the United States Supreme court, the Eighth Circuit federal court of appeals, the federal district court in Minnesota and the district, appeals, and supreme courts in Minnesota.  In addition.  I have practiced in several states other than in Minnesota.  My career has been rich and rewarding.   I am thankful to Waldorf for its having given me the educational start that I needed in 1059."

Katherine Toft Nielsen - "Both Ron and I have retired this year and with thankfulness for good health and family.  Ron completed more than 30 years as a parish pastor, Bible Camp executive and as an interim pastor.  My 30+ years were primarily as an EBN teacher with adolescents.  We recently spent a year serving the church in Madagascar.  We appreciate the 2 years we spent at Waldorf."

Jean Kropf Drethe - "I am retired and live in chandler, AZ."

Janet Hetland Hernes - "We retired in Forest City in November 2003.  Our children live in Canton, Sd, Portland, OR and Forest City, IA.  We have 3 granddaughters in Canton, SD and a grandchild expected here in Forest city in October."

Carolyn Larson Price - "After receiving my Masters in community counseling, I was executive director of Parents United in Mason City, a non-profit agency that provided counseling for families with incest issues.  Two years ago I opened Elderberry Inn Bed and Breakfast in Forest City."